About OwnChat
Own a Chat AI with collaboration
ChatGPT is gradually becoming a powerful tool for improving productivity, and using this AI tool effectively can greatly enhance our work efficiency. In order to allow more people (possibly non-programmers) to use ChatGPT better and more conveniently, I have developed OwnChat as a tool.
Core futures of OwnChat
Team collaboration
For a single API key, it can allow multiple team members to use it safely.
Supports multiple platforms
Supports multiple platforms including Web, Desktop, and Mobile.
No VPN required
Our servers are deployed in regions where OpenAI API is accessible, thus all clients can use our service without the need for a VPN.
one-click sharing of chat records
one-click sharing of your chat records
Elegant interface design
More elegant interface design and interaction.
About the maker
G'day, I'm Forsigner. 👋
I become a full-time independent developer since this year(2023), I started OwnChat as a passion project. There's no massive team, no investors looking for growth at any cost, just me, running a sustainable business.
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Some my open source projects
Own a Chat AI with collaboration
A utility-first CSS in JS library.
A minimalist design theme for hexo.
A minimalist design state management library for React.
A Node.js Framework based on TypeScript and Express.
A high customizable component library for React.